Horseshoe Bend

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Horseshoe Bend, on the Colorado River, was about five miles downstream from Glen Canyon Dam. The 1,000ft deep gorge has been carved by the river into the characteristic shape.

Horseshoe Bend-Colorado River

Horseshoe Bend – Colorado River

With the bend being so wide, and so deep, it was difficult to get good photos; even with my wide-angle lens. I walked around for a good distance trying to get a better shot. But, only pieces at a time were possible. There were some rock formations and scenery of the setting, too.

Horseshoe Bend-Colorado River

Gorge to the North

Horseshoe Bend-Colorado River

Gorge to the South

Horseshoe Bend-Colorado River

Gorge Walls

Masses of tourists were making the trek up the steep sandy slope in the heat. Many came to pose on the precipice of the gorge, where there were no fences or guardrails. The park service has plans to make the hike easier, to include rest shelters and water stations.

Horseshoe Bend-Colorado River

Another Section of Gorge Walls

Horseshoe Bend-Colorado River

Scenery Near the Gorge

Horseshoe Bend-Colorado River

Another View Nearby

It was similar to the Goosenecks, on the San Juan River near Mexican Hat UT, where you get to see several twists in the river gorge. Plus, you can camp near the edge with a view of it all.

Camp: Glen Canyon NRA-Lone Rock drycamp
Scene: Canyon, river, rock formations

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