Panguitch Lake & Creek

(nr Panguitch UT)
I wanted to see Panguitch Lake which was very popular with the fishermen. But, it turned out to be not all that interesting. Plus, no camping by the lake was allowed. However, down the road, I found Panguitch Creek.

Panguitch Lake

Panguitch Lake

The creek flowed through a deep gorge along the highway with a couple of pullouts. I couldn’t get a good angle showing both the chasm and the creek at the bottom. It was just too deep and narrow; and risky.

Panguitch Creek

Panguitch Creek

Panguitch Creek

Rapids on the Creek

A bit further along though, and past the gorge portion, there was a path down to the creek. Rapids, rocks, logs, and brush made for some nice views. Plus, across the roadway were some rugged rock formations. What more could I ask?!

Panguitch Creek

Creek with Rock and Log

Panguitch Creek

Rock Formations across the Road

Not far away, and up a forest gravel road, I found a decent boondocking camp. There were many spots, but most were already taken. Most of the sites further in were too unlevel for me to use. Plenty of shade trees made for pleasant temperatures.

Camp: Dixie NF-Pass Creek Rd boondock
Scene: Lake, creek, rocks

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2 Responses to Panguitch Lake & Creek

  1. john larner August 28, 2017 at 12:09 pm #

    I would love to paint some of those views… J.

  2. Pleinguy August 28, 2017 at 12:48 pm #

    There were some good spots. However, not much room to park off the highway. Hope you are doing well John.

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