UT-12 Scenic Byway

(nr Panguitch to Torrey UT)
UT-12 Scenic Byway traveled through some really pretty country for about 124 miles, from near Panguitch to Torrey. Along the way, it passed through several small towns with interesting things to see, and a wide variety of terrific landscapes.

UT-12 Scenic Byway, Red Canyon

UT-12 Scenic Byway – Rock Tunnel

There were two National Parks, three State Parks, a National Monument and National Forest both for the entire length, six Backway roads to explore, numerous hiking and Jeep trails, historic sites and landmarks, from alpine lakes to desert canyons.

UT-12 Scenic Byway, The Blues Area

Powell Point

UT-12 Scenic Byway

Overlook toward Grand Staircase-Escalante

UT-12 Scenic Byway, Larb Hollow OL

Steep Creek Viewpoint

Hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, boating, skiing, etc. Plus, every few miles there were pullouts for Scenic Overlooks to take in the expansive views. You could spend an awful lot of time trying to do it all.

UT-12 Scenic Byway

Near Calf Creek

UT-12 Scenic Byway

Larb Hollow Overlook

UT-12 Scenic Byway

View into a Canyon

I chose to see a few of those things on this trip. The impressive rock formations at Red Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Long Canyon were my favorites. Perhaps I will see other features during another visit.

Camps: Various
Scene: Vistas

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