Nellie Creek Falls

(nr Lake City CO)
Nearby my camp was a side road that led up to Nellie Creek Falls. The road was narrow, very rocky, and steep; so, I shouldn’t have tried to ride my bike up there. As it turned out, I walked the bike about half of the time for the one mile distance to the falls.

Nellie Creek Falls

Nellie Creek Falls – Short Lower Falls

The road followed the creek most of the way to the falls. Actually, there appeared to be an upper fall that was tall and narrow, and a lower fall that was short and wide. It was difficult getting close to them, requiring me to get through bushes and doing some rock crawling.

Nellie Creek Falls

Tall Upper Falls

Nellie Creek Falls

Cascading Creek

That made getting clear photos difficult, too. I persevered and got some shots. Downstream were some cascades and rapids on the fast moving creek. And, here’s a pix of what they called a county road.

Nellie Creek Falls

Rushing Waters

Nellie Creek Falls

Road to the Falls – The Good Part

They claim this was one of the more popular falls in the area. If so, folks must be rather determined to get there. I found it troublesome, with little signage to find them. Since I love waterfalls, the challenge was worth it.

Camp: BLM-Henson Creek boondock
Scene: Waterfall, creek, rocks

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      Yes it was. Waterfalls are a favorite of mine.

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