Cataract Gulch Trail

(nr Lake City CO)
About 15 miles on Upper Lake Fork Rd, and then a turn, took me to my next camp near the trailhead to Cataract Gulch. It was a nice spot next to a creek, with tall pines, mountain views, some deer and even a moose paid me a visit.

Cataract Gulch

Cataract Gulch Trail – Stream

The trail started at a footbridge over Cottonwood Creek, then went through a meadow, and past some wildflowers. Then went across a couple of small rivulets, which required finding suitable crossings. I leaped over a narrow spot, and balanced on a log at another.

Cataract Gulch

Wildflowers & Rivulet

Cataract Gulch

Log Crossing a Stream

It was a pretty path and fairly level for a ways, then it went uphill. The trail had nice views of the forest with tall pines and aspens, and ever present towering mountains. Some downed logs and boulders added to the beauty along the way.

Cataract Gulch

Stream, Trees & Mountain

Cataract Gulch

Aspens & Mountain

About a mile or so in, I began hearing the cataracts tumbling down the mountainside. The trail continued upward for another 6 miles to intersect with the Continental Divide Trail. Too much climbing for me; and reaching the cascades was my goal.

Camp: Gunnison NF-Cataract Gulch boondock
Scene: Creek, forest, mountains, wildflowers

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