Tree Carvings

(Vallecito CO)
The Carved Trees of Vallecito Lake are a memorial to firefighters who died trying to protect the valley from the tremendously destructive Missionary Ridge fire in 2002. They were sculpted from some of the burnt trees using photos taken during the blaze.

Vallecito Carved Trees

Tree Carvings at Vallecito

Images of firefighters, equipment, animals, and actual events were depicted. A guide map showed where to find the 14 sculptures, along the drive by the lake. They averaged 18ft tall and were easily found; each with a plaque describing the image.

Vallecito Carved Trees

Hawk & Fox Carving

Vallecito Carved Trees

Deer & Fawn Carving

Vallecito Carved Trees

Birds & Raccoons Carving

Merchants, banks, and patrons financed the project which makes a wonderful tribute to those that fought to save the community from a devastating catastrophe. Today, the area seems to be mostly recovered.

Vallecito Carved Trees

Bear & Cubs Carving

Vallecito Carved Trees

Firefighter & Eagle Carving

Vallecito Creek

Vallecito Creek

It was a beautiful area with a large lake for boating and fishing, hiking trails, campgrounds, restaurants, and shops. Located about 20 miles northeast of Durango, the lake and tree carvings would be a worthy side-trip for anyone.

Camp: San Juan NF-Miller Creek CG drycamp
Scene: Trees, sculptures, lake, creeks

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