Gila River

(nr Gila Hot Springs NM)
While in the Gila Wilderness, I of course came across the Gila River. My campsite overlooked it, and the adjacent tall cliffs. So, I took some photos featuring the water. Although, it was difficult for me to downplay the soaring cliffs.

Gila River

Gila River with Wildflowers

It was evening when I arrived with the light a bit subdued. Still, there was plenty of color. The grasses, wildflowers, and some trees were showing off. Deep tones and reflections in the water provided nice contrasts.

Gila River

Looking Down and Toward Cliffs

Gila River

Quiet Spot with Rocks and Tree

A few small drops in the river created a little whitewater and ripples. The rocky cliffs added rugged vertical masses to offset all the vegetation, and the flowing stream. Really a nice variety of shapes, colors and textures.

Gila River

Ripples in River and Cliff

Gila River

A Couple of Short Drops

It was a pleasant stroll along the river in the cool evening air and quiet of the forest. Alas, the sun soon went behind the mountains, and I reluctantly retired to my camp.

Camp: Gila NF-Forks CG drycamp
Scene: River, cliffs, wildflowers

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