Ute-Ulay Mine

(nr Lake City CO)
In 1871 silver and lead were discovered in the canyon outside town. Over a 30 year period more than 12 million dollars worth of ore (250mil in todays dollars) was extracted.

Ute-Ulay Mine

The mine laid along what is now called Henson Creek where a concrete dam and flume were built to provide water for the operation.

Henson Creek
Lift House

The complex included a boarding house, blacksmith shop, assay lab, powerhouse and mill. The mine employed up to 300 miners, many of whom were Italian.

Old Dam – Now Breached
Old Buildings

The success of the mine led to the Denver and Río Grande Railroad extending to the town of Lake City in 1889. That made it a very successful town.

Camp: Gunnison NF-Pike Snowden Cabin boondock
Scene: Mine, buildings, dam

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