Chepe Express

(Divisadero to El Fuerte MX)
We departed Copper Canyon on the Chepe Express train headed down the mountains toward the sea. There were fantastic views all along the trip over the Sierra Madres.

Chepe Express Train

The rails took us by mountain peaks, cliffs, waterfalls, dense vegetation and flowering trees. Over bridges and rivers, through tunnels, past small villages, up and down switch backs we went.

Mesa from the Train
Flowering Tree
Three Level Turn with Waterfall

At one point, the train went around in a circle three times descending levels, which included passing through a tunnel with a 100 degree turn inside. To the sides were steep inclines or cliffs, and a waterfall.

Lake and Mountains
Another Waterfall
River at Dusk

The landscape changed from mountainous to hills, rivers and lakes. After a six hour train ride, it was getting late by the time we arrived in El Fuerte. No matter, as a taxi was waiting to take us to the hotel.

Hotel la Choza Courtyard

Hotel la Choza was originally the stage stop in this colonial Spanish village. Of course, it has been modernized; but, still retains the inner courtyard, period styling and lush gardens.

Camp: Hotel la Choza
Scene: Mountains, cliffs, forest, river, train

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4 Responses to Chepe Express

  1. Gumo March 1, 2020 at 1:59 pm #

    Wow! Beautiful! Looks like you had a beautiful day for a train ride. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy!

    • Pleinguy March 1, 2020 at 2:57 pm #

      It was a great ride, thanks. Glad you’re still following the journey.

  2. Bradford Harris March 11, 2020 at 2:55 pm #

    Cool pics! That hotel is beautiful. The train ride looks like a lot of fun! That lake makes the fisherman instinct come to life. 🙂 Take care!

    • Pleinguy March 11, 2020 at 3:00 pm #

      Spot on with all your remarks. Thanks for commenting Brad.

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