Cactus Views

(New Mexico)
Cacti are ubiquitous in the southwest. So, I’m sharing a few photos that feature them. New Mexico includes a portion of the Chihuahuan Desert which is home to numerous cactus views.

Cactus Views

There are many types with different colors, shapes, and sizes. I know some names, but not all the variations. For instance, Prickly Pear has at least 12 species, and Cholla has over 20. One needs a reference book to keep track.

Cholla in Bloom
Dwarf Cacti
Ocotillo and Prickly Pear

Colors can include blue, orange, silver, purple and many shades of green. Shapes include pads, barrels, stalks, branches, and others. Some are as small as 3 inches, and others can reach 7 feet tall.

Cholla with Cliff
Prickly Pear Forest
Barrel Cactus with Fruit

Cacti are used as landscaping, medicines, foods and drinks. Most have short or long spines, but some don’t have any. These come as spikes, bristles, needles, or are hair-like; and they can be straight, flat, round, curved, or hooked.

Large Prickly Pear with Buds

Their blooms also come in a large array of colors. One must be careful to avoid their spines; so, stay clear. Yet, they are beautiful to behold.

Camp: Friend’s Place
Scene: Cactus

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