Slash Draw Hike

(nr Pie Town NM)
Some interesting rock formations could be seen from my campsite. So, I had to hike through Slash Draw to get a better look. Rather than heading directly to them, I decided to make more of an adventure out of it.

Slash Draw Hike – Huge Boulder

A somewhat circuitous route was taken in order to get a better view of a bald top mountain. But, no matter how far I went, it was still over the next ridge; so, I gave up. Instead, I turned back and focused on finding the other rocks.

Bald Top Over a Ridge
Zoom Photo of Bald Top
Typical Terrain

Working my way further upward, I hoped to get close-up photos of the rugged cliffs. Surprisingly, I found myself atop them! Great views of some rocks and the distant Sawtooth Mountains though.

Large Old Juniper Tree
Alegres Mountain in the Distance
Sawtooth Mountains from Top

Carefully, I searched for a spot that was near, yet below the rock face. Every which way was either up or down a steep slope. Eventually, I reached an area with decent angles for some photos.

Rock Pillar from Above
Another Pillar from Below
Rocky Cliffs from Easy Spot

It turned out that the spot I sought would have been easy to reach had I taken the most direct path. However, nice scenery and good exercise on my trek up to about 8,000ft and back was the reward for the extra effort.

Camp: Cibola NF-Saulsberry Rd boondock
Scene: Rock formations, trees, mountains

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