Tintic Mining District

(Eureka UT)
About 120 mines operated in this area from 1869 to 1917, and some until 1995. It was considered one of the most important areas for mining, producing an estimated $180 million to a half billion in ore; silver, gold, copper, zinc, lead, and others.

Tintic Mining District – Ruins

It all started in Eureka, and spread out to include the towns of Silver City, Diamond City, Ironton, Dividend, and Mammoth; most of which died out. Eureka survives, but only as a shadow of it’s former self. The Tintic Mining District was named for a local Ute chief.

Bullion Beck Headframe

The headframe (2nd photo) is 60ft tall, and was used to lower men and equipment into the mine shaft. This one was for The Bullion Beck & Champion Mining Company. John Beck discovered ore in 1871 and his operation become one of the four largest in the region.

Retired Caboose
Old Downtown Stores

There were a few other mining relics around town. But mostly, other than piling mounds, little remains. Most of the old merchant buildings are deteriorating. However, people still live there and they seem to be trying to revive the town.

Camp: BLM-Clover Springs CG
Scene: Mining, history, town

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