New Pochade Painting Box

(Jacksonville FL) For years I have been using a half-box French easel, along with a separate portable palette box, drying-box, and gym bag to carry extra materials. All of these were secured to a luggage cart for transporting to the painting site. It was pretty convenient to bring everything along, but also cumbersome and heavy. […]

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8x10 oil on linen panel

Searching for Painterly Places

(Jacksonville FL) Finding interesting places to paint is the primary goal for the plein air journey. I prefer landscapes that are wild and natural which are usually found in remote locations. Deep in the woods, up a lightly used trail, out in the desert, or a secluded mountain valley often reveal little gems. My plan […]

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Choosing an RV Rig

(Jacksonville FL) I’ve checked out a lot of motorhomes looking for a rig that will meet my needs for the plein air journey. Small enough so I don’t need to tow a car, and so I can get into those out of the way places. It has to have a generator, and sufficient holding tanks for […]

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