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Geronimo Springs Museum

Geronimo Springs Museum

(Truth or Consequences NM) Another small town museum with lots of interesting stuff was found at the Geronimo Springs Museum. Several rooms with displays on different themes represented settlers, cowboys, ranchers, and natives well. There was so much, I may have missed some things. Of course, the famous Apache leader Geronimo had a room devoted […]

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Deming-Luna-Mimbres Museum

Luna-Mimbres Museum

(Deming NM) The Luna-Mimbres Museum was a profusion of artifacts commemorating the history and memories of those that lived in the Mimbres Valley, Luna County, and the town of Deming. There seemed to be no end to the variety of items and topics preserved. From dolls, to native pottery and wares, quilts and lace, cameras, […]

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Navajo Natl Monument

Navajo Monument

(Black Mesa AZ/NN) Navajo National Monument was established to protect pueblo ruins in the area. It was named for the Navajo because it is on their land. However, they arrived in the region hundreds of years after the cliff dwellers abandoned the place and had left for better conditions further south. The Hopi and Zuni […]

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