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Parowan Gap Petroglyphs

(nr Parowan UT) Another site with native petroglyphs. Lots of drawings about travel, peoples, their leaders, animals, geometrics, and symbols with many meanings. Pictures extended all the way through the gap. Parowan Gap Petroglyphs They are believed to date from the Fremont period when the area was inhabited for 500 to 1200 years. Both the Southern […]

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Apache Creek Petroglyphs

(Apache Creek NM) From my campsite, I walked about 1/3mi to the trailhead for the Apache Creek Petroglyphs. Then, it was a fairly steep and rocky trail up to the cliff face where the rock art could be seen. I hadn’t known about this site before. It was a nice find. Apache Creek Petroglyphs – […]

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Río Fuerte Raft

(El Fuerte MX)On one day, we floated down the Río Fuerte in a large rubber raft that held about ten people. Thick vegetation lined the shores and we saw many different water birds along the river. Río Fuerte Raft – Water Birds At one point, they beached the raft and we hiked inland for a […]

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