Apache Creek Petroglyphs

(Apache Creek NM)
From my campsite, I walked about 1/3mi to the trailhead for the Apache Creek Petroglyphs. Then, it was a fairly steep and rocky trail up to the cliff face where the rock art could be seen. I hadn’t known about this site before. It was a nice find.

Apache Creek Petroglyphs – Trail Up

The rather faint images were difficult to discover. However, I recognized some drawings from previous encounters. Snakes, life circles, and animals were identified. The sketches stretched out for a good way along the rock wall. Unfortunately, there was some more recent graffiti mixed in.

Animal Image
Snakes and More
Another Animal

Also, a few cubby holes in the rock wall appeared like they may have been used for storage. That was a fairly common practice by early natives. These rock art walls and storage bins are found in many more locations than expected.

Life Circles and Critter
Storage Cubby
Scenic Trail Along Rock Wall

The hike up to the petroglyphs wasn’t too difficult or visually interesting. However, the trail along the wall was very rocky and scenic, with brush and trees adding to the charm. Glad I got to see them.

Camp: Gila NF-Apache Creek CG drycamp
Scene: Petroglyphs, trail, cliff

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