(Carrizozo NM)
Last year I passed through Carrizozo in order to visit the lava flows at Valley of Fires. Since then, I learned from a friend that there were art galleries and some bodacious burros I missed. Since it was on the route to a couple of other places I wanted to see, another visit was needed.

Building, burro


Sure enough there were several art galleries around town showing a wide variety of creations. Plus painted burros everywhere I looked; on the sidewalks, in courtyards, at the corner, in windows and even on top of buildings. And some were for sale.

Patio, burros, trees

Courtyard full of burros

Burro, buildings

Burro on street corner

Like many small towns, there were empty storefronts. However, other places like a coffee shop, the galleries, an ice cream parlor, a market, a bike shop, a boutique and a couple of restaurants seemed to be doing well.

Building, flag, burro

Art gallery with burro

Burro, tree, courtyard

Burro on a patio

After walking around for awhile, I stopped at the Carrizozo Café to have lunch. They served a very good bar-b-que sandwich and ice tea. Then I caught up on some internet work and checked my route to the next stop.

Site: Town of Carrizozo
Scene: Buildings, shops, galleries, burro statues

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