San Lorenzo Canyon

(nr Lemitar NM)
San Lorenzo Canyon was suggested for its impressive cliffs in a narrow box canyon. Since I love rocks and remote locations it sounded like a winner. I was not disappointed! Getting there, with scant directions I had found, turned out to be not that difficult. However, the last section of road, leading to the canyon, was sometimes a bit sandy.

Cliffs, clouds

San Lorenzo Canyon

A hike into the canyon, with towering cliffs on both sides was impressive. Morning and evening walks provided different lighting for the photographs. Nooks and crannies in the side walls provided additional interest. Also, there was a trail up to the top of the cliffs from the box at the very end.

Cliffs, sandy road

Towering cliff walls

Cliffs, rock tower

Tall rock formation

For much of my time there it was cold and very windy. So, it was hard to really enjoy the canyon while outside. Still, it was a great place for a free camp with fantastic views. Internet was spotty with mostly a weak 1X or 3G signal. It might have been better outside the canyon walls.

Pillar rock against cliffs

Rock pillar in the canyon

Cliffs faces, tree

Some cliffs went straight up

A campsite was chosen just after entering the tall cliff walls of the canyon. There were many spots from which to select. Also, many pull-thru locations along the entry road outside the canyon walls. Any spot should be checked for soft sand before driving in with a rig. I was alone except for a few cars that drove in to see the canyon, and then left.

Camp: San Lorenzo Canyon – BLM boondock
Scene: Cliffs, rocks, sand, trails

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  1. Bud Burke May 14, 2015 at 6:06 pm #

    Great post! Looks like an interesting place. Love your photos.

    • Pleinguy May 14, 2015 at 6:10 pm #

      Glad you enjoyed my report. It was a neat spot. Thanks for the good vibe about the pix.

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