Water Canyon

(nr Magdalena NM)
Last fall I went to see Water Canyon on my way to meeting an RV friend. It was nice enough to warrant another visit to camp for awhile. Nestled in the pines at over 6,800 ft, and with views of the cliffs of Water Canyon Mesa, it was a pleasant camp.

Cliff, mountain, trees

Water Canyon

The campground sat up on a hill above a creek where there was a nice picnic area. No water was running in the creek; but, had evidence of flow probably after snow melt. Camp was quiet, and I was alone except for two others that stayed for just one day each.

Cliffs, trees

Mesa cliffs view from camp

Cliff, trees, grass

Creek area below camp

There was a tight switchback going up to the campground, which had 12 gravel back-in spots, and pit toilets. Not a suitable place for big rigs. The free camp had comfortable temps in the daytime, and got rather cool at night. An intermittent 3G internet signal was nice.

Motorhome, cliffs, camp

Tardis at Water Canyon CG

My time there was cut short when the weather forecast mentioned an overnight low of 20 with possible snow. That, along with needing propane, gas, groceries, and to empty the waste tanks was enough for me to move on. It definitely deserved a longer stay.

Camp: Cibola NF – Water Canyon CG
Scene: Cliffs, creek, mountains

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