Canyonlands – Island in the Sky

(nr Moab UT)
Canyonlands National Park – Island in the Sky District was mostly a scenic driving tour. Again, the road to the park had some impressive rock formations. A stop at the Visitor Center got me the info I needed.

Mesa cliffs

Canyonlands – Island in the Sky

The Schafer Canyon viewpoint overlooked a trail descending into a deep canyon. The road was used by ranchers to move their cattle to the river. I believe it also connects up with White Rim Road.

Cliffs, canyon

Schafer Canyon

Spires, canyon, distant mountains

Buck Canyon

A popular spot was Mesa Arch which sets on the edge of the mesa with a view of the canyon in the opening. The long wait to get a shot, without people posing in front, was worth it as I got the photo everyone wants.

Arch, canyon, rocks

Mesa Arch

Canyon rim

White Rim

Grand View let you get an expansive look at the canyon and cliffs. Murphy Point stood out against the vast expanse. And, the Green River overlook showed how the river cut into the rock. They were impressive!

Mesa cliffs, canyon

Grand View

Butte, spire, cliffs

Murphy Point

The parking lots for Upheaval Dome and Whale Rock were both full; no room for Tardis. So, I missed hiking those two trails. Still, I got a photo of the whale from a distance.

River gorge, canyon

Green River

Rock formation

Whale Rock

A short trail at Aztec Butte took me past some interesting rocks and led to a couple of native ruins. They were small enclosures, so probably were used for grain storage.

Rocks, trees

Colorful rocks along Aztec Butte trail

Stone granary , tree

Native ruins at Aztec Butte

After the visit, I went looking for a different camp. I found one with some trees, wildflowers, and a mesa view. Another free boondock with 4G internet. Gotta love it!

Camp: Mill Canyon Rd – BLM boondock
Scene: Mesas, arch, canyons, rocks, ruins

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