Mogollón Rim

(nr Mountain Meadow AZ)
The Mogollón Rim between Strawberry and Heber is a popular place for hiking, fishing, and camping. The Rim Lakes Area, closer to Heber, has both paid campgrounds and free dispersed camping. It’s an easily accessible middle-high elevation camping area, with mostly good roads.

Rocks, trees

At the edge of the Mogollón Rim

Several trails were available, mostly going into the forest. One trail connected three viewpoint parking lots along the rim. There were wonderful views from the rim overlooking the valley. In the distance, I could hear bull elk bugling.

Valley, mountains, trees

Valley as seen from the rim

Lake, rocks, trees, clouds

Willow Springs Lake

Four lakes (Knoll, Bear Canyon, Woods Canyon, Willow Springs) were fairly close by. I stopped by Willow Springs Lake before leaving. It seemed to be popular with fishermen.


Wildflowers at my campsite

Trees, mountain ridges

Evening view from my camp

I found a free boondock spot, near the edge, from which I could see mountain ridges to the south. At 7,600ft it made for comfortable temps; and had good 4G internet too. They control the dispersed camping strictly with numbered spots; and there were a lot of campers in mid-September.

Camp: Apache-Sitgreaves NF-Carr Lake boondock
Scene: Forest, lakes, mountain views


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