Montezuma Castle

(Montezuma Lake AZ)
The ancestral pueblo at Montezuma Castle National Monument had a small but nice Visitor Center. A dwelling, high on the cliff in a recess, and rock walls of the lower pueblo were featured. Beaver Creek flowed past, which provided water for the village.

Cliff dwelling, cliff, trees

Montezuma Castle

Paved walkways passed by the ruins; but, the cliff dwelling was not accessible. Panels along the way explained things; and, also a kiosk with audio narrative about what was in the cliff dwelling. It was a pleasant area lush with trees and shrubbery.

Display, rooms, artifacts

Model of inside dwelling

Stone walls, cliff

Lower pueblo walls

The path also went to the creek where there was a small picnic area. Samples of some crops they would have grown were on display. Since being discovered, the ruins have been re-conditioned and stabilized numerous times. Several miles north of the castle was Montezuma Well, a large spring used for irrigation.

Creek, shrubs, cliff

Beaver Creek

Baskets, pottery

Display of native wares

Heading further south and east, I boondocked for free a short way off the highway in the forest. The road in was a bit rough; but, a campsite next to a pond with 4G internet was found. At night, the coyotes serenaded me with their yapping and howling.

Camp: Coconino NF-Fivemile Lake boondock
Scene: Pueblo ruins, creek, cliffs

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  1. Jan Mains October 15, 2015 at 6:47 pm #

    As many times as we’ve been there, we still enjoy it.

  2. Pleinguy October 15, 2015 at 6:51 pm #

    I was surprised at how nicely done it was.

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