Bluewater Lake

(Prewitt NM)
Spent a few days at one of my favorite state parks, Bluewater Lake. It’s several miles off the interstate near Grants. Some campsites overlook the large lake, and you can dry camp along the shore. There’s also a pretty canyon for hiking.

Cliffs, creek, trees

Bluewater Lake State Park – Canyon Trail

Hiked down into Bluewater Creek Canyon that was on the east edge of the camping area. An easy trail led down into the canyon, went along the creek for about two miles, and then back up. The trail also continued further on down to the dam.

Rocks, trees

Descending into the canyon

Cliff, rocks

A cliff from below

There was some fabulous scenery with cliffs, a stream with cattails and reeds, lots of greenery with a variety of trees, and of course plenty of rocks. It was a bit cooler down in the canyon, and I had it all to myself.

Creek, cliff, grass

Bluewater Creek in the canyon

Reeds, log, water

Reeds in the creek

My campsite overlooked the lake, with horses often grazing below. Some natives came through collecting piñon nuts and showed me how to find the good ones. Temperatures were perfect which made for an enjoyable stay.

Horses, beach

Horses by the lake

Lake, trees, clouds

View of Bluewater Lake from my campsite

I bought the Annual Camping Pass for New Mexico State Parks which makes camping with electric and water $4 per night, and dry camping free. Since I plan to spend several months in the state it will easily save me more than the $225 cost.

Camp: Bluewater Lake SP-Northpoint CG dry camp
Scene: Lake, creek, canyon, horses

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