Garden of the Gods Too

(Cerrillos NM)
Many have probably heard about Garden of the Gods in Colorado. Few know that there is another one in New Mexico, too. Just outside of the small village of Cerrillos, on NM-14, you can find a mini-version of some similar rock formations.

Cliff, rocks, trees

Garden of the Gods Too Cliff

No highway sign marks the pull-out; but, there is a small stone monument that recognizes the site. The rock formations actually set on someone’s private property and can be viewed over a low fence. However, you cannot walk amongst the rocks.

Rocks with holes

Rock Formation with Holes

Rock formations

Piled Rocks

To find it from I-25 near Santa Fe, take Exit-278 or 276 to NM-14 southbound. Just before the turn to Cerrillos, look for a pull-out on the right (west side of road) in front of a tall rock cliff.
GPS: N35.44146 W106.03995

Rock formation

Rock Pillar

Odd shaped rocks

Pointy Rock Formations

It may not be worth a special trip. But, if you are perhaps going to see the artsy hamlet of Madrid, just three miles further south, then watch for the rock formations. I continued on to find Madrid mostly closed-up on a rainy Sunday morning. It was a pleasant drive through the mountains anyway.

Site: Mini Garden of the Gods
Scene: Rock formations, mountains


2 Responses to Garden of the Gods Too

  1. Roxi November 8, 2015 at 11:21 am #

    Bummer to find Madrid closed up. I’d like to hit that town on an “open” day. I rolled into Carrizozo one ragged, wet day and couldn’t get my coffee and get gone fast enough. Next time I arrived, so did the sun, and it was a worthy place to spend most of a day.

    • Pleinguy November 8, 2015 at 1:19 pm #

      Agreed, both would be interesting on a nice day. The thing with Madrid is to find a day when most places are open, yet it is not crowded. It’s hard to find a parking spot there.

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