Cascade Falls

(nr Nathrop CO)
Cascade Falls was just a half mile hike up the paved road past Chalk Lake. It was a wonderful series of raging cascades, tumbling over rocks and logs. A goodly amount of time was spent there taking photos and sitting on a boulder watching the water splash and surge past.

Cascade Falls 1

Cascade Falls

The main attraction was supposed to be Agnes Vaille Falls, part way up the mountain. Tragically, the trail had been closed due to a rockslide that had killed an entire family. So, the falls could only be seen from a distance. It could clearly be spotted from my campsite, although about a mile away.

Cascade Falls 2

Another part of Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls 3

Side Flow of Falls

As I sat next to Tardis admiring the steep cliffs and tall mountains, a lighter than normal sliver caught my eye. Getting my binoculars, I found it was another unnamed waterfall on the opposite mountain from Agnes Vaille Falls. What a find! It was probably temporary run-off from snow melt.

Cascade Falls 4

Cascades with Mountains

Agnes Vaille Falls

Agnes Vaille Falls

Word was that mountain goats could often be seen on the surrounding mountain ledges. A check for them proved fruitless though. The only critters encountered were birds, a chipmunk, and a cottontail rabbit.

By Chalk Lake, unkown fall

No Name Falls

Tardis at Chalk Lake

Tardis at Chalk Lake Camp

Previously, I had not even thought about going up that canyon; until I learned there was a waterfall. I’m so glad I did, and delighted with the scenery discovered.

Camp: San Isabel NF-Chalk Lake CG drycamp
Scene: Mountains, rocks, waterfalls

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