Chalk Lake

(nr Nathrop CO)
Between the 14ers of Mount Antero and Mount Princeton was a canyon that lead to the ghosttown of Saint Elmo. Although I didn’t care to go all the way up, there were some sights that drew me upward to the camp at 8,751ft. Great views and pleasant temperatures were a plus.

Chalk Lake and Mountain

Chalk Lake

On the way, the road passed by the Chalk Cliffs which soar upward and gleam their whiteness in the bright sunshine. At a pull-out, I stopped to take photos. They were impressive, even though they are not actually chalk, but another type of rock. A trail lead to their base.

Chalk Lake Footbridge

Footbridge at Chalk Lake

Chalk Cliffs and Pines

Chalk Cliffs

The camp was stretched out along rushing Chalk Creek, with the sites closest being for tents. I found a spot with a few days open between reservations that had a path to the creek. It was a bit back from the tall pines, so provided ample sun for my solar panels.

Chalk Creek 1

Chalk Creek

Chalk Creek 2

Chalk Creek, again

A short walk from camp went to Chalk Lake where fishermen tried their luck. Small, peaceful, and surrounded by forest and mountains, it was fed by an offshoot of the creek. A few picnic tables next to the lake, and a path leading around were delightful.

Mountains and Pines

Mountains around Camp

Chalk Lake CG and Tardis

Tardis at Chalk Creek Campground

The cliffs, creek, lake, and camp were enough. Yet, another attraction was the real reason for choosing the camp. Within a short distance were two nature scenes that I really enjoy.

Camp: San Isabel NF-Chalk Lake CG drycamp
Scene: Mountains, cliffs, creek, lake

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  1. Dorothy July 16, 2016 at 11:45 am #

    These are fantastic photos. It helps me cool down, just looking at them. Have gone back four times to do that. Thanks for this gift!

    • Pleinguy July 16, 2016 at 12:57 pm #

      Glad to have helped. It really was a cool place to visit.

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