Desert Sculptures

(Borrego Springs CA)
In the desert, north and south of town, can be found large metal sculptures by artist Ricardo Broceda. Creatures from prehistoric to present appear as though they belong out there. They were commissioned by Dennis Avery (the label maker) in order to attract visitors to the area.

Galleta Meadows

Desert Sculptures – Dinosaur

Critters like African elephants, camels, scorpion, peccary, dinosaurs, a jeep, a prospector, and many more were usually visible from the roadway. They were spread around widely, so I had to drive about and find a place to pull off to park. And then, walk closer.

Galleta Meadows


Galleta Meadows

African Elephant

Galleta Meadows

Giant Scorpion

They were created with various metals welded together which simulated various textures and colors. Some amazing details were achieved like muscles, feathers, scales, fur, etc. Even the photos don’t do them justice.

Galleta Meadows


Galleta Meadows

Gold Miner & Mule

Galleta Meadows

Jeep on Rock Pile

It took a couple of days to view them, as they were so numerous and widespread. A guidebook from the Visitor Center helped to locate and identify them. The search and discovery was enjoyable.

Camp: Rockhouse Trail boondock
Scene: Sculptures, desert, mountains

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