Barker Dam

(nr Twentynine Palms CA)
The only real hike I took while at Joshua Tree National Park, was the 1.2 mile loop trail to see Barker Dam. It was built around 1900 by cowboys to supply water for their cattle, and for mining.

Joshua Tree NP

Barker Dam Pond

The dam itself was simply constructed, with a trough below for a holding tank. The small stream ran off into the desert. Water collects behind the dam from rainfall, snow melt, and run-off. Except for the springtime, it is mostly pretty dry.

Joshua Tree NP

Along the Trail to the Dam

Joshua Tree NP

Pond & Rock Formations

During my visit there was lots of water which formed a pond of considerable size. These days it is used by wildlife and birds as a watering hole. It was a rather picturesque setting below some large rock formations.

Joshua Tree NP

Barker Dam

Joshua Tree NP

Water Trough below Dam

The trail wandered through the desert passing Joshua trees and other plants. Some pretty large rock formations provided an interesting landscape. It was an easy path, with only a small section of rock steps before the dam, and passing around it to the flat area below it.

Joshua Tree NP

Rock Formation & Joshua Trees

Joshua Tree NP

Desert Plants & Cliff

Easily missed would be some native petroglyphs in an alcove found just off the trail near the end. Unfortunately, someone painted over the lines of the drawings in an attempt to make them more visible. However, the drawings remained recognizable and an interesting sidestep.

Joshua Tree NP

Native Petroglyphs

From there, it was a short walk back to the parking lot. The trail was scenic, an easy walk, and worth the effort during the spring or providing it had recently rained.

Camp: Cottonwood Springs Rd boondock
Scene: Dam, pond, rocks

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2 Responses to Barker Dam

  1. Bradford Harris March 11, 2017 at 10:15 pm #

    Beautiful pictures, as always! I have a question for you. Do you ever encounter snakes? I love the southwest but am not sure if I could get over the snake phobia.

    I imagine it feels great to hike in the warm weather right now. We’re bracing for up to seven inches of late season snow on Sunday.

  2. Pleinguy March 11, 2017 at 10:29 pm #

    I have encountered a snake only three times in four years, that I can recall. They were never a problem to avoid.

    Yes. The weather has been delightful. Only two more weeks of winter; so, hang in there.

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