Animas Creek Ride

(Caballo NM)
Went for a bike ride with a friend down a country road. Most of the way was paved, except the last half mile was gravel. A slight incline made the ten mile round trip pretty easy.

Animas Creek Ride

Animas Creek

The road led into a small canyon with hills on both sides. Homes of all types were on either side of the road and creek; from mobile homes to old adobes, log cabins to two story mini-mansions. A few small ranches and a garden nursery were there, too.

Animas Creek Ride

Horses on a Ranch

Animas Creek Ride

Suspended Footbridge across the Creek

We crossed Animas Creek a few times, trying to find a way into the hills with no luck. They all ended at private property. We saw some horses and very large Arizona sycamore trees growing by the creek. Some places had a suspension footbridge over the creek to their homes.

Animas Creek Ride

Cholla on Hillside

Animas Creek Ride

Getting wet fording the creek

Whooshing through the cold water was a hoot. The Spring weather was fine, mid 70s with a slight breeze, which made for a really pleasant ride.

Camp: Percha Dam SP electric
Scene: Road, creek, footbridge, horses, cactus

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