Farm & Ranch Museum

(Las Cruces NM)
The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum tells the story of agriculture in the area from native times to the present. There were impressive exhibits featuring different eras covering methods, equipment, marketing, and lifestyle.

NM Farm & Ranch Museum

Farm & Ranch Museum – Wagon Display

An exhibit about developments in weaving was interesting. Period styles changed with migration, new dyes, market expansion, and new breeds of sheep. Another display had some quilts, drawings and paintings.

NM Farm & Ranch Museum

Dairy Cows & Old Farm Equipment

NM Farm & Ranch Museum

Texas Longhorn Cattle

NM Farm & Ranch Museum


Outside were several barns; sheep and goat, horse and cattle, dairy, and hay. Also, a green house, blacksmith shop and windmill. Corrals held some livestock including horses, burros, sheep, goats, dairy cows, and cattle.

NM Farm & Ranch Museum

Bridge, Arroyo, Windmill

NM Farm & Ranch Museum


NM Farm & Ranch Museum

Blacksmith Shop

Lots of antique farm equipment, and a few modern tractors were on display. The ‘Green Bridge’ spanned an arroyo. It was moved there after having served for years on a farm to market road.

NM Farm & Ranch Museum

Re-enactors Meeting

It was a pretty good overview. As I was leaving, I saw people dressed in period attire; who I presume would be doing some reenactment.

Camp: Leasburg Dam SP drycamp
Scene: Museum, barns, animals, farm equipment

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  1. Brad VT Harris April 19, 2017 at 8:17 pm #

    Cool stuff! As a person who works in a farm store, I enjoyed seeing the photos. I also liked the information about the looms and weaving. I can see how it is influenced by a number of factors. Thanks for sharing the museum with us!

    • Pleinguy April 19, 2017 at 8:24 pm #

      Figures you would relate to the farm history based on your job and where you live. Glad you enjoyed it.

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