Pre-Bisti Badlands

(nr Tsaya NM/NN)
The day before my trek into the Bisti Wilderness, I checked out an area across the road from the parking lot. While outside the designated area, it looked interesting. So, I went traipsing around to see what I could find.

Just outside Bisti Wilderness

Pre-Bisti Badlands

To my surprise there were some really interesting rock formations. Like a window in a rock, balanced rocks, pre-hoodoos, and what looked like an animal head. Not shown is what I called a whale, and a possible coal mining cavern.

Just outside Bisti Badlands

Balanced Rocks

Just outside Bisti Badlands

Early stage of Hoodoos

I also saw some really unexpected things, too. For instance, an old ringer washing machine, and a 1940-50s era wrecked car (unidentifiable make). The odd thing is that they were way far off the road, and in some pretty inaccessible spots.

Just outside Bisti Badlands

Animal Head Rock

Just outside Bisti Badlands

Window in Rock Formation

I thought it would be a preview of the Bisti Wilderness; but really, it turned out to be quite different to my surprise. Sure glad I took that stroll out into those rocks, though.

Camp: Bisti Badlands-BLM lot boondock
Scene: Desert, rock formations

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