Trujillo Meadows

(Cumbres CO)
In my quest for high elevation camping, I found Trujillo Meadows CG at 10,124ft. The road to it passed by many boondocking possibilities. Those visible from the highway were already occupied.

Trujillo Meadows

Trujillo Meadows CG – Lake

At the campground, I found sites in several loops spread out on a hillside overlooking the lake. It was a fairly pretty location, but with a lot of standing dead trees from pine beetles. They had thinned them out and planted many new trees to re-populate the growth.

Trujillo Meadows

Small Waterfall

Trujillo Meadows

East end of Lake

I walked down toward the lake to find myself on the top edge of a cliff. Accessing the shore meant going around the end, either on a very steep path, or via a gravel road outside the campground.

Trujillo Meadows

Río Conejos

Trujillo Meadows

Tardis in Campsite

Hiking up the hill from my campsite I found an observation deck overlooking a small waterfall and creek. It was a nice surprise that I was not expecting. Note: The photo of the Rio Conejos was taken further up the highway, and not at this campground.

Camp: Río Grande NF-Trujillo Meadows CG drycamp
Scene: Forest, lake, waterfall

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