Río Fuerte Raft

(El Fuerte MX)
On one day, we floated down the Río Fuerte in a large rubber raft that held about ten people. Thick vegetation lined the shores and we saw many different water birds along the river.

Río Fuerte Raft – Water Birds

At one point, they beached the raft and we hiked inland for a ways. Our guide was a Mayo native who lived in the area his whole life. As we walked, he singled out certain plants and told us how they used them for medicine, food and other things.

Great Blue Heron
Ducks on Riverbank
Path with Native Plants

We reached a spot with lots of rocks containing petroglyphs made by natives. He told us what each symbolized, and about some of their traditions. That was quite interesting.

Organ Pipe Cactus
Rock Pile with Petroglyphs
Closeup of Rock Drawings

Continuing down river, we passed an island set aside as a deer sanctuary. There was a footbridge onto the island for hiking. Not sure how that works with the refuge idea though.

More Petroglyphs
Footbridge to Deer Refuge
Swinging Bridge Spanning the River

A large suspended bridge spanned the river used for hikers going to see the petroglyphs; it takes a lot longer that way. But, there were other sights along that route.

Cove Where We Landed

Eventually, we docked in a small cove very close to downtown. From there, it was an easy walk back to our hotel.

Camp: Hotel la Choza
Scene: River, birds, rock art

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