Black Range CDT

(nr Winston NM)
Went looking for cooler temperatures at higher elevations and ended up on the Continental Divide Trail in the Black Range mountains at about 7,700ft. It was about ten degrees difference.

Black Range CDT – Thinned Forest

Hiked up the trail for a way to see what I could find. Lots of pine trees, some wildflowers, and views of mountain tops could be seen between the branches. Looking eastward I could see the San Mateo Mountains.

Looking East to Distant San Mateos
Looking South

That portion of the CDT was a 2-track ATV or jeep trail that continued another 7 miles to Overlook Mountain. I’m no longer able to hike that distance, so only spent an hour or two looking around.

Pine Trees
Dried Root Cluster

I camped up there for a couple of days and and was surprised about not seeing any critters. The isolation and cool mountain air made for an enjoyable time though.

Camp: Gila NF-CDT Boondock
Scene: Mountains, trees, trail

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