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Provo River

(nr Kamas UT)Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, more or less, followed the course of the Provo River. There were a few places where it came close enough so that I could get some photos. Here are a few shots not at designated viewpoints. Provo River – North Fork At the North Fork juncture, I liked the […]

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Upper Falls

(nr Kamas UT) Further up the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway was a parking area next to the Upper Falls on the Provo River. There was a restroom, and sidewalks leading to viewpoints. Upper Falls – Double Drop This section had really nice waterfalls raging down the river. Wide ones, a double drop, and a thin […]

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Middle Falls

(nr Kamas UT) Another stop going up the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway was at Middle Falls on the Provo River. They were close to the road with a small pullout. Middle Falls on Provo River The falls were actually just short cascades; but, were pretty good anyway. It was late in May, so the water […]

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