Mills Canyon

(nr Roy NM)
A fellow camper suggested visiting Mills Canyon on the Canadian River if I was ever in the area. And, I was going in that direction on my northeast New Mexico trip. So, I made a point to camp there and check it out.

Mills Canyon 1

Mills Canyon

The road into the canyon was posted as “Not recommended for RVs or trailers. Narrow, rough, steep, and winding road. Beware of bears and rattlesnakes.” The road into the canyon and down to the river wasn’t nearly as bad as the warning. I believe I could have driven it with Tardis; but, certainly nothing longer.

Mills Canyon 2

Pines & Cliffs

Mills Canyon 3

Pond along the road

I decided to camp at Rim Campground which was just before descending into the canyon on the above mentioned road. Another one, Canyon Campground was next to the River at the bottom. There was a van camper, two gals tent camping, and myself at Rim. It was a quiet night.

Mills Canyon 4

Cliffs in the canyon

Mills Canyon 5

Orchard next to the Canadian River

In the morning, I hiked down that scary road, about half way to the river. Stopped at an overlook to see the area where an a orchard used to be along the river. It had been an hour, and the remainder of the road and scenery didn’t seem all that appealing. So, I rested in the shade, and had a snack before heading back up.

Mills Canyon 6

Sunset in Rim CG with Tardis

Although the warning signs didn’t mention it, another dangerous critter was spotted on the way. As I rounded a bend, a mountain lion scurried from the road up an embankment into the trees and rocks. It stopped and looked back at me, then continued out of sight. I tried getting a photo; but, it was too quick for me.

Camp: Kiowa National Grasslands/Mills Canyon-Rim CG drycamp
Scene: Canyon, cliffs, river

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4 Responses to Mills Canyon

  1. Dorothy May 31, 2016 at 2:38 pm #

    I am “over the moon” having read this days blog! The photos and your words really made it all come to life for me. To be able to walk the same path that a mountain lion roams, and see him on it – is glorious! (I remember doing it as a 10 yr old. You will never forget that experience!)

    • Pleinguy May 31, 2016 at 3:01 pm #

      Thanks Dorothy. These types of places is why I travel the back roads to explore. it was a real kick seeing the puma.

  2. Joe Pitman June 4, 2016 at 6:14 am #

    And that is the reason I don’t travel those roads…LOL I like to read about those adventures but not live them. Mountain Lions are very unpredictable and can kill you. They are best viewed in the Zoo. Thanks for taking me along

    • Pleinguy June 8, 2016 at 12:27 pm #

      That was my second siting of a puma in the wild. In neither instance did I feel threatened; as it was at a goodly distance, and the critter was running away. Still, I’m very cautious in such situations.

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