Luminaria Beachwalk

(Elephant Butte NM)
The annual Luminaria Beachwalk was held at sunset along the shores of Elephant Butte Lake. It’s a fundraiser by Friends of the Butte for fireworks, and non-standard improvements to the state park. Lots of folks turned out to participate.

Luminaria Beachwalk

Luminaria Beachwalk – Decorated Truck

Massive numbers of illuminated bags lined the road in and the loop path on the beach. Venders with decorated rigs offered free information and snacks (donation recommended) providing cookies, hot cocoa and coffee, pozole and green chile stew, popcorn, etc.

Luminaria Beachwalk

Grinch & Lighted Dog

Luminaria Beachwalk

Festive Lights

Huge bonfires provided light and warmth for the strollers. There were large screens showing holiday movies, some music and caroling. People leisurely walked and visited with friends. It was a larger turn out than I expected.

Luminaria Beachwalk

Bonfire & Vender

Luminaria Beachwalk

Marina & Boat Lights

In years past, it was always too windy, or wet, or cold for me to venture out. But, the weather was perfect this time. I saw some RV friends there, and enjoyed the evening.

Camp: Elephant Butte Lake SP-Beach primitive
Scene: Luminaria, holiday, decorations

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2 Responses to Luminaria Beachwalk

  1. Pam December 23, 2018 at 5:03 pm #

    We were there. It’s my favorite holiday event. This was our third year, although we skipped the last two years. This was definitely the best weather of any that we’ve been to, in fact, this is the first year we’ve been that they lit all the luminaria; too windy the other years. The crowd was bigger this year, too.

    Thanks for the great pictures! I took a few with my phone but they didn’t turn out very well.

  2. Pleinguy December 23, 2018 at 5:20 pm #

    It was indeed pleasant weather, and a fun night.

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